Bear photo from by Thomas Lefebvre, Canada

This bear wants you.

Are you ready to run?

Getting ahead can be a bear. In business and in life, those who win are the people who are willing to do what it takes to keep improving. Those who don't, get left behind. Or worse.

This bear wants you.

Are you ready to run?

Getting ahead can be a bear. In business and in life, those who win are the people who are willing to do what it takes to keep improving. Those who don't, get left behind.
Or worse.

How to get ahead

Ask yourself 3 things

What's My Style?

SOCIAL STYLES® are the way a person naturally interacts with others. Understanding your personal style, and the styles of others, allows you to identify the preferences of others and modify your behavior to make others more comfortable. This is known as versatility and is strongly linked to business and career success.

Am I Agile? 

Agility is the ability to move quickly and nimbly, and to adapt quickly to change.  People are creatures of habit. 98% of our thoughts are the same day after day. Our brains aren’t naturally wired to create and embrace change. Fortunately we can retrain our brains to be more agile.

Am I Resilient?

Resiliency training is essential to a thriving business. Although stress at work is nothing new, workplace stress has been on the rise for many years now. And it turns out, stress isn’t bad for us. In fact, it is not the stress that diminishes our engagement and our productivity at work, but rather how we respond to stress.

We can help you master all 3.

As a certified associate of TRACOM®, the Social Intelligence Company®, we're skilled in presenting world renowned professional development programs designed to help businesses and individuals achieve their vision through personal enrichment. Social intelligence is the realization of the true potential in individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Ready for a new
Business Adventure?

Matthew Henson - President of M.W. Henson & Associates
Matthew Henson - President


M.W. Henson & Associates, LLC is a professional development firm giving focused attention to change management. In association with industry-leading experts at TRACOM®, the Social Intelligence Company®, we're able to provide practical insight and proven techniques to help you adapt to change when it's thrust upon you and to empower you to thrive proactively in a rapidly changing business environment.

This knowledge can be applied through individual coaching, team development, or for entire companies. We leverage 35+ years of experience in the financial services industry to bring acclaimed programs that have been tried and tested on Wall Street back to Main Street and to our clients, including one of the Big Four accounting firms.

What can we do for you?

Authorized TRACOM GROUP reseller We resell TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE programs.


"I highly recommend Matt. He is a senior executive with exceptionally recognized skills in leadership, strategy, teaming, change management, adult learning and many others. He's been most recently building a business leading Miller Heiman and TRACOM programs to share his experience and knowledge to future sales executives and business leaders."

Bob Reiner

Partner at EY (retired)

"Matt is a great professional to work with. He's quick thinking and has an uncanny ability to see all angles of a problem or solution that is enviable. His demeanor is always professional and he offers a great deal of experience through his many years in the banking industry. I was fortunate to have him as a leader through part of my career and enjoyed working with him."

Miranda Fickert

Regional Commercial Senior Lender; Regional Team Leader - Commercial Lending - at US Bank
This is a personal statement and not an official statement of U.S. Bank.

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the case for targeted resiliency training

The case for resiliency training

You can train technical skills for a month of Sundays and still fall well short of the need to drive your change initiative.

3 common cognitive biases that hinder agility [infographic]

How we think affects our ability to be creative or think openly. Here are 3 common cognitive biases that affect our thinking and hinder agility.

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