What is social intelligence

What is social intelligence? [video]

The future’s most essential skill is Social Intelligence. Here's why:

Social Intelligence isn’t about our social lives or our social media savvy. And it’s not an intelligence score like IQ.

Social intelligence transforms how people think, act and react – how they process and interpret events, how they behave toward others, and how they emotionally respond. Yet it doesn't come naturally.

By learning to recognize and manage our cognitive biases – the distorted thoughts that negatively influence our behavior – we increase our social intelligence. We become more effective in our interactions with others and more successful in our work.

Socially intelligent people excel in many ways:

  • They are better leaders.
  • They're more engaged with their work.
  • They're more influential

This video from TRACOM® gives a good introduction of why social intelligence is needed to overcome biases and improve our success with others.

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